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My July: T'nalak Festival, and Lake Sebu..

I've been so busy the past few weeks that I was not able to update this blog.. 
the photo contest that I have organized and the online job 
occupied most of my time.. 

T'nalak Festival was a success! 
I was able to attend some of the activities and really enjoyed it. 

This July, I was also able to attend a blogging 101 seminar at 
may mga natutunan na namang bago.

I was also able to meet in person 
the good mayor of Lake Sebu and 
Libotero.com owner Sinjin Pineda.

I enjoyed T'nalak Festival this year 
and met online and balikbayan friends- 
couple Lyn and Ed Schmitz..

I was also able to visit Lake Sebu for the first time this year.

Took pictures of Lake Sebu town's majestic falls..

And survived the Seven Falls Zipline! Yohooo!

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