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Tree Growing Festival Experience in Koronadal City

Since this blog is all about my travel and adventures, i would like to share some photos of my experience last June at the Tree Growing Festival organized by the City LGU of Koronadal. 

It was an awesome experience! I invited South Cotabato Tambayan member and good friend Zef and loyalista's (bagong term sa dalawa) Anne and Hazel to join me and we all enjoyed it.
Hazel, Zef and Anne
At the assembly area I was surprised to see "Tambayan ng So. Cot" in one of the posters, I know it refers to our group..

We joined students from Saravia High School and other groups from Koronadal City, our mission to plant more than 4,000 seedlings of  hard wood and fruit bearing trees in Sitio Takilay in Barangay Saravia.
Sitio Takilay is located almost on top of the Roxas Mountain range, it would take us more than 2 hours of walking. Sa sobrang pagod at hirap ng daan, we did not reach the planting site.. picture-picture nalang sa mga nauna nang naitanim na mga seedlings. ^^
Nadumihan ang mga kamay.. haha

Although we were unable to plant trees, we are able to asked a villager to  take care of the seedlings that was planted that day. I hope manong would do that for us..

Sa sobrang layo at hirap ng daan, may mga nawalan ng malay paakyat ng planting site.
Zef, tambay no.1 and 2 (forgot their names eh^^), me, Hazel and Anne
Overall, despite the long walk-  back and forth and our pants and shoes messy, we had a lot of fun. It was one of my best adventure ever and for a good cause too. The event was primarily aimed at helping alleviate climate change and promoting environmental volunteerism. 

I'm looking forward to more earth-saving activities. ^^
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