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New Facebook Virus: I'm a victim too..

Ngayong gabi lang, I received a message from a friend asking me why I am posting not-so-acceptable photos on her wall, di pa niya cguro nabalitaan yung tungkol sa bagong Facebook virus, when I opened her Facebook wall wala naman akong nakita na post galing sa akin, in fact sya pa nga itong may post na nude photos (hindi sya) sa news feed ko. Nakapagtataka pero alam ko all these are because of the new virus that has been on Facebook the last few days.

So, if you're one of those who just discovered that your Facebook account has been posting all kinds of weird, pornographic, or generally inappropriate content to your wall and your friend's wall, and/or in the news feeds,  try the simple steps below in order to clean up your Facebook account.

Take a look at your URL (top box on your screen). If you see "http" or just "www", instead of "https", you DO NOT have a secure session. Facebook has automatically set our security setting  on the non-secure setting! To fix this do the following:

Go to Account Settings
Click Security on the left top corner
Click Edit next to Secure Browsing
Check box and,
Click Save.

And lastly, Think before you Click.. don't be a victim :)

Do everyone a huge favor, share this and post in your Facebook account to prevent the Facebook virus/hacking issue. Hope this help.
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