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The Guinakit Fluvial Parade at the 12th Shariff Kabunsuan Festival

The Shariff Kabunsuan Festival held every year in Cotabato City is highlighted by the Guinakit Fluvial Parade every 19th of December at the mouth of Rio Grande de Mindanao.

Colorful Guinakits (bancas) or boats adorned with colorful muslim traditional decors with dancers on board gracefully dancing to the traditional musical renditions of native musicians parades at the mouth of Rio Grande de Mindanao for people and visitors to witness, most were from nearby towns and provinces the reenactment of the arrival of Shariff Muhammad Kabunsuan, an Arab missionary from Johore who came to introduce Islamic faith in Mindanao.

This year i feel so lucky to become part of the group of bloggers from Soccsksargen invited by the city tourism office of Cotabato City to witness this grand event. Here now are some of the photos of the Guinakit Fluvial Parade 2011 that I took myself.

Aside from the colorful  exterior design of the guinakits, human props plays a big role in every entries, it is through them that the coming of Shariff Kabunsuan is re-enacted.

Beautiful muslim ladies in their colorful muslim traditional costumes on-board one of the participating guinakit.

One of the largest guinakit entry this year, composed of up to six bancas tied together

Attractive isn't it? If you agree, then you'll have to plan now for next year's Guinakit Fluvial Parade and Shariff Kabunsuan Festival. See you there, only in Cotabato City.
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