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Sto.Niño Fluvial Parade @ Barangay Bula, General Santos City

Last January 15, 2012,  I was able to witness and attend for the first time one of the most anticipated event in General Santos City- the Patronal Fiesta of Barangay Bula or the Feast of the Senior Sto. Niño in which the highlight is the Sto.Niño Fluvial Parade across the Sarangani Bay. 

Below are some of the pictures I took myself during the Sto. Niño Fluvial Parade.
Sto. Niño replicas/images of different sizes were displayed along the seashores in Brgy. Bula just before the start of the fluvial parade
The highlight of the Feast of the Senior Sto. Niño in Barangay Bula is the fluvial parade which is participated by most of the fishing industry players in General Santos City, most of which were from Brgy. Bula.
People who wants to join the fluvial parade were transported from the shores of Barangay Bula  to large fishing vessels (lansa) through small motorized boats (bancas).
One of the more than 200 fishing vessels which participated the Sto.Niño Fluvial Parade
Devotees of the Senior Sto.Niños and revelers on-board fishing vessels
And here's a video to give you an idea what's happening on-board the fishing vessels during and before the Sto.Niño Fluvial Parade in Bula, General Santos City:

I did really felt the "fiesta fever" while on board the fishing vessel during the Sto.Niño Fluvial Parade, there were foods prepared by each participating vessels for everyone to partake. There's also inuman, singing and some dancing to the tune of the sinulog beat. Some of the fishing vessels ahead of ours also released balloons to the sky and some others fireworks.

Note: Don't forget to bring eating utensils when you plan to join the Sto. Niño Fluvial Parade, fishing companies and vessel owners prepares foods for breakfast for you and other attendees, so don't forget to bring spoons and plates for you and your friends. :)
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