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A Day Trip to the Islamic City of Marawi

The Islamic City of Marawi, capital of the province of Lanao del Sur, in the northwestern part of the island of Mindanao is the only Islamic City in the country with a population of 99% Muslims specifically of the Maranao's.
The Capitol Mosque located within the Lanao del Sur provincial capitol compound. 
After 5 days of hiking, waterfalls hopping, seeing seven out of 23 identified waterfalls in Iligan Cityfood trips and experiencing the City of Majestic Waterfalls, I together with some of the participants of WAT 1.0 had a sidetrip to Marawi City last September 31, 2012. It was my second time in Marawi, the last time I was there was in 2006 when I traveled from Cotabato City via Marawi to Cagayan De oro. It was only a quick visit that I haven't even step foot during that time. Marawi City is the only Islamic City in the Philippines with its population composed mostly of Muslims. So what did we do in Marawi City?
Welcome to the Islamic City of Marawi.  The city is almost an hour drive from Iligan City.
Upon arrival at the city proper we first asked our driver to take us to the KM 0 marker, it is a concrete structure at the middle of a road. The KM 0 in Marawi City is the original reference point of all roads in Mindanao. 
KM 0 in Marawi City
We then headed to MSU Marawi campus for our breakfast and then of course, for a tour around the university. A sumptuous breakfast of Maranao delicacies in one of the canteen & convention hall within the university was just perfect after almost an hour drive from Iligan. Maranao food were good!
Served with Maranao food.

While inside the campus of MSU Marawi, we were very lucky to have met the artist behind the world-renowned DARANGEN DOLLS - Mr. Sainuddin Moti. The doll designer gladly showed us few of his award-winning Darangen Dolls. His dolls depicts the traditional costumes of Maranao women. Darangen Dolls were pretty! They're just like barbie dolls but were dressed in traditional Maranao costumes.
Darangen Dolls in their colorful and elegant Muslim costumes.
Holding a Darangen Doll, at the back is my dream car - bullet proof men!
With Darangen Doll designer - Mr. Sainuddin Moti.
We then toured around the MSU Marawi Campus - Marawi Resort Hotel, the golf course located within the MSU Marawi campus, and the Khan Museum. We ended our visit in the Islamic City of Marawi by going to the local market called Padian for shopping and a quick tour at the Lanao del Sur provincial capitol and some of the mosques.
Marawi Resort Hotel located within the MSU Marawi campus
One of the Torogan Cottages of Marawi Resort Hotel named after the T'boli Tribe of South Cotabato.
Inside the Khan Museum in MSU Marawi
Overlooking Lake Lanao from the MSU Marawi campus
The dome of the Islamic Center Mosque- one of the most beautiful mosque in Marawi City.
Did shopping in Marawi City! 
I will be posting more about that memorable day trip to the Islamic City of Marawi, so always check back here, and please don't forget to follow me on Twitter - @southcotabato .
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