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When in Iligan City, Try Jacko's Kan-anan

I was one of the participants of the Waterfalling Adventure Tour in Iligan City last September, it is a 5-day invitational tour for bloggers from all over the country. 

Not only did I see seven (7) out of the many majestic waterfalls of Iligan City, celebrated with the locals their annual Diyandi Festival, witnessed and enjoyed the Kasadya streetdancing but of course I was also able eat and dine in some of the best dining destinations in Iligan City. One of which is Jacko's Kan-anan in Hinaplanan, Iligan City. 

Below are some of the photos I personally took from Jacko's Kan-anan, these were my favorites from among those served before the participants of the waterfalling adventure tour.
Jacko's Kan-anan Kinilaw na Malasugue.
Roasted Chicken by Jacko's Kan-anan
Again, these are my favorites and take note -these are not even the bestsellers. Jacko's Kan-an  is actually known all over Iligan City for it's Crispy Tuna Buntot and it's Tasty Crispy Squid -will have to try that two bestsellers the next time I'm in Iligan. 

Two thumbs up for Jacko's Kan-anan!

Consider Jacko's Kan-an when you're in Iligan City, they also offers catering services for any occasions.Ask any locals and I'm sure they know the place, but in case here is the location using Google Maps. 

Jacko's Kan-anan is located along National Highway, Hinaplanan, Iligan City. Contact them at 09177168773 / (063) 222-4610 for inquiries and reservation.
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