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Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol | Isulan, Sultan Kudarat

Tour at Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol

I was able to visit the Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol twice last year, the first one was during the SOCCSKSARGEN Experience Tour in September with bloggers from Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao and was then followed by a mock tour for Eco guides last November. Enjoy some of the photos I personally took during those two visits at this gorgeous Php 400 million worth Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol.
Located in the town of Isulan (capital of the province of Sultan Kudarat), the provincial capitol building is a huge white Arabic-inspired structure with a big gold dome at the center and a giant statue of Sultan Kudarat at the grounds.

The Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol houses the different provincial government offices for the province of Sultan Kudarat including the office of the Provincial Governor and Vice Governor and the session hall for the provincial board. 

But unlike other provincial capitol in other provinces in the country and aside from its fascinating architectural design, everything inside the Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol were obviously expensive and luxurious! The next set of photos can be a proof to that.

During our visit we were able to get inside and have a glimpse of some of the important places inside the capitol such as the Hall of Sultans where meetings of Muslim Sultans or leaders are conducted, the Hall of Kings which is used for gatherings or meetings of Christian leaders of the province or their visitors, the Governor's and the Vice Governor's offices, the Session Hall of their Provincial Board and the Prayer Room. 

We were also able to get inside some of the offices of it's employees and I personally noticed that they're very used to accepting visitors or tourists inside their offices, everyone always wears their best smiles. There was one instance that employees even offered us their snacks, very accommodating!

According to our guide during our tour inside the Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol, the entire construction of the whole 5-storey building cost the province of Sultan Kudarat almost half a billion pesos! No wonder it was considered as one of the finest capitol building not only in the country but also in all of Asia.

The big dome of the Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol
The grounds in front of the capitol building, where a big statue of Sultan Kudarat stands proud and welcomes every guests.
Taken at the back of the capitol
Group picture. With the SOCCSKSARGEN Experience Tour 4 .0 participants.
Also located within or not far from the capitol compound are other important buildings like the Provincial Museum, the provincial hospital, the provincial gymnasium which is said to be one of the biggest in Mindanao and the grand Governor's Palace located just at the back of the capitol which serves as official residence to important guests of the province.
The Provincial Museum of Sultan Kudarat is located just at the back of the provincial capitol.
The Governor's Palace serves as home to some of the province's important guests and visitors.
The provincial gymnasium of Sultan Kudarat.
The Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Soccsksargen in the past years and continues to attract more visitors for the province. It doesn't only reflects their rich culture and bounty, it has also become the Emblem of Unity for the province of Sultan Kudarat

This is really a must-visit when you're in the area and I am glad I did. 

Planning a visit to this grand Sultan Kudarat Provincial Capitol in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat? Check out the Google Map below for directions.
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