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Memars Springway Resort | Iligan City

One of my friends in Iligan City once said that aside from visiting the city's majestic waterfalls (there are about 23 identified) a visit to Iligan City is never complete without visiting one of its many spring resorts most are located in Timoga. And I'm glad that a visit to one of the spring resorts was included in our waterfalling adventure last year organized by the Iligan Bloggers Society.
They brought us to Mimars Springway Resort, one of the most popular and most visited spring resorts according to them.

We headed to Mimars Springway Resort after enjoying our tour at the Macapagal & Macaraeg Ancestral Home.It is located just at the back or few meters away from the historic ancestral house of President Arroyo's family. Enjoy the following photos!

Participants of Waterfalling Adventure Tour enjoying the cold and refreshing spring waters at Mimars.

Aside from the natural spring, there are three man-made swimming pools at Mimars in which waters were also coming from the springs just being diverted.

How to Get There?

Fare to Mimars Springway Resort from Iligan City Proper is just around P15.00. Look for a Buru-un Line jeepney in the City Proper and tell the driver to drop you off at Mimars Springway Resort.

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