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Asik-Asik Falls | Alamada, Cotabato Province

Asik- Asik Falls, the newest tourist destination in Mindanao discovered early last year is located at Sitio Dulao, Brgy. Dado, Alamada, Cotabato Province.
Last Sunday, I finally traveled to the town of Alamada to see the the newly-discovered natural wonder  called Asik-Asik Falls, I've been planning the trip since last year. 

I took the first trip (3 A.M.) of Rural Transit bus from General Santos City bound to Cagayan de Oro City that morning and asked the bus driver to drop me off at the Kabacan Integrated Transport Terminal, then rode a PUV bound to the town of Midsayap which passed through several towns of Maguindanao and of Cotabato provinces. I reached the town of Midsayap at around 8:00 o'clock in the morning and waited for about 2 hours at the jeepney terminal for the first trip bound to Dado, Alamada which is at 10:00 o'clock.

Jeepney bound to Alamada from the town of Midsayap
The jeepney left the transport terminal in Midsayap at 10:20 AM and we arrived in Brgy. Dado, Alamada  at around 1:00 PM. Passed through mountain road and the Raradangan River which bridge was destroyed by a flood and is still unaccessible to four-wheel type vehicles.

The jeepney ride from Midsayap to Upper Dado, Alamada was tiring but just like my previous travel I enjoyed the sceneries and of course the trip didn't end there. Upon arriving at Upper Dado I registered at the tourism booth and paid the entrance fee to Asik-Asik Falls of Php30.00 and then a tourism staff helped me find a habal-habal (motorcycle) that brought me to the jump off area of Asik-Asik Falls. The habal-habal ride was even more tiring as it passes through a very rocky road. I just considered the 45-minute rough travel as part of the adventure add to that the very talkative Ilonggo-speaking habal-habal driver which never run out of things to say about Asik-Asik Falls and the place which made it more fun.

And finally after more than 10 hours of travel from Gensan, tired but full of excitement I set foot in Sitio Dulao, Dado, Alamada. At the jump off area where a bunch of motorcycles were parked I was greeted by tourism staff Sir Jude Magbanua. He was surprised that I traveled alone all the way from Gensan just to see Asik-Asik Falls. He then accompanied me to the start of the trail, the 500+ steps stairway down to Asik-Asik Falls.

And the real adventure begins.. enjoy the photos! Click the image for a larger view.
Asik-Asik Falls' 500+ steps stairway
Curtain-like Asik-Asik Falls
Asik-Asik Falls is about 60 meters high and 140 meters width. After taking some photos, I immediately plunged into the crystal clear water. All the efforts during the trek and my long travel were all worth it, the water is so cold and very refreshing.
I really enjoyed the rejuvenating waters that I stayed there for almost 3 hours and almost forget about the habal-habal driver that was still waiting for me at the jump off area.

Taking again the 500+ steps stairway, I left Asik-Asik Falls at around 4:30 PM and glad that the habal-habal was still there waiting for me. 

Expenses during my solo trip to Asik-Asik Falls:

Fare (Gensan- Alamada and back)
Gensan - Kabacan (via Rural Transit Bus) - P 275.00
Kabacan - Midsayap (via van) - P 50.00
Midsayap - Dado, Alamada (via jeepney) - P 70.00
Upper Dado - Asik-Asik Falls (via habal-habal) - P 100.00
Asik-Asik Falls - Libungan  (via habal-habal) - P 350.00
Libungan - Midsayap (via tricycle) - P 12.00
Midsayap - Kidapawan (via van) - P120.00
Kidapawan City - Tacurong City (via van) - P 100.00
Tacurong City - Koronadal City (via Yellow Bus) - P 37.00
Koronadal City - Gensan (via Yellow Bus) - P 83.00

Accommodation in Midsayap - P 350.00
Foods - P 320.00

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