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Masjid Dimaukom | Pink Mosque of Datu Saudi, Maguindanao

After we enjoyed T'nalak Festival 2013 celebration in Koronadal City,  I together with fellow bloggers  traveled early from General Santos City to the Province of Maguindanao last July 19, 2013 to see the pink mosque - MASJID DIMAUKOM which is still under construction in the town of Datu Saudi Ampatuan .

Photos of Masjid Dimaukom -  Pink Mosque in Datu Saudi, Maguindanao
We left General Santos City around 6:30 AM on board the first aircon Husky Bus bound for Cotabato City that day. The bus made several stops to pick up passengers in the cities of Koronadal and Tacurong, in the town of Isulan and lastly in the town of Shariff Aguak in Maguindanao.
This landmark at the center of the national highway going to Cotabato City is just in front the municipal hall of Datu Saudi Ampatuan.
The bus stopped in front of the municipal hall compound of Datu Saudi Ampatuan which is just along the national highway at around 9:30 AM. Pink flags surrounds the whole compound along with large tarpaulins and banners with pictures and greetings of Mayor Samsudin Dimaukom. 

We went directly to the municipal hall and asked where the municipal tourism office is located.
A staff at the municipal hall welcomed and told us that the town has no tourism officer and the municipal tourism office doesn't exist. 

But we were introduced to the municipal administrator of Datu Saudi Ampatuan who accompanied us to Masjid Dimaukom which is located just few meters away from the municipal hall. 

The Municipal Administrator gave us a brief background about their town and was very accommodating with all our questions with regards to the 'pink mosque". He showed us around Masjid Dimaukom and introduced another staff of the municipal mayor to us who became our guide during our stay.

More photos of Masjid Dimaukom -  Pink Mosque in Datu Saudi, Maguindanao

Inside Masjid Dimaukom

The Mihrab at Masjid Dimaukom. This part of the mosque is pointed toward the direction of Mecca.
The Mihrab inside Masjid Dimaukom as viewed from the second floor of the mosque.
At one part of the ceiling of Masjid Dimaukom
One of the many big pink domes of Masjid Dimaukom
Taken from the second floor of Masjid Dimaukom. According to  our guide Mr. Suharto Lintang, the second level of  Masjid Dimaukom is intended for the women worshipers while the ground floor is for men. 
At the second floor of Masjid Dimaukom. In Islam, for the reason of modesty, men and women pray separately inside a mosque.

Overviewing the pink compound where the office of the municipal mayor is located. Most structures inside the compound were painted in pink!
Beauty! One of the pink  domes of Masjid Dimaukom.

Gold , white and of course pink - dominates the colors inside Masjid  Dimaukom.
View from below the huge pink dome of Masjid Dimaukom. The dome is located at the center of the mosque.
Lovely Islamic art and design at Masjid Dimaukom

The view from below the dome located at the Mihrab.

More photos of Masjid Dimaukom - the first "Pink Mosque" in the country.

Pink is obviously the favorite color of Mayor Samsudin Dimaukom and his wife. For them pink symbolizes peace, harmony and love. The mayor always wears pink wherever he go. The town employee's uniform and even vehicles are now also pink.

Masjid Dimaukom has become the town's main attraction. According to our guide, people from different places had come to their town just to see the "pink mosque". 
According to the mayor's brother, other major structures in the town will be soon painted with pink.
I hope that this development in Datu Saudi Ampatuan will help erase the bad image of Maguindanao brought about by incident that happened in the past. 

I am looking forward for the completion of Masjid Dimaukom by September!

 Other interesting pink structures in Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao.
The office of Mayor Samsudin Dimaukom - painted pink!

Inside the pink compound of the mayor where his office is located.
How to get there

The town of Datu Saudi Ampatuan is about 3 hours away from General Santos City and 1 hour away from Cotabato City when traveling by bus. Husky Bus is the only bus company that plies the Gensan- Cotabato City route. Other available mode of transport are jeepneys and vans.

Gensan - Datu Saudi Ampatuan : P 200.00 - P 220.00 
Isulan -  Datu Saudi Ampatuan : P 50.00 - 60.00
Tacurong City - Datu Saudi Ampatuan: P 60.00 - 70.00
Cotabato City - Datu Saudi Ampatuan: P 50.00 - 60.00
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