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My Nopol Hills and Amsikong Falls Birthday Fun Climb

I been wanting to celebrate my birthday up in the mountains where I can rest a bit from the busy city life, unwind and experience being one with nature. 

So last August 7, 2013 together with some members of MEGS Mountaineers from Polomolok, South Cotabato I hiked to parts of Nopol Hills or 6th Peak (according to a friend from MEGS) stayed there overnight and visited Amsikong Falls the following day.
With MEGS Mountaineers

MEGS Noel and Hansam Guy
MEGS members Noel and HG were my two companions on my trek up to Nopol Hills. From the barangay plaza of Cannery, we took a 15-minutes motorcycle ride passing through the vast pineapple plantations of Dole Philippines to Purok Cassava in Brgy. Maligo, Polomolok the jump off area of our trek. We paid P20.00 each for the ride.

Our more or less 3-hour trek to Nopol Hills started at Purok Cassava, where we crossed a river and again passed through another pineapple plantation before reaching "rancho" where we registered our names in the visitor's logbook. 
Gate at the "rancho". There is no entrance fee but visitors are required to log their names in the record.
View  of the vast pineapple plantations and parts of Polomolok from one of the hills 
It rained the night before our climb. The trail was muddy and a bit slippery.
After more or less 2 hours of trekking , we reached our destination - the 6th Peak!

The three of us immediately headed to the small hut found at the area where we met "Manong" who owns a portion of the hill which he used to plant with corn. 

We asked Manong if we can have our tent at the side of his hut and he easily agreed. Immediately Noel and HG and of course with few help from me arranged our tent which will be our shelter until the next day. We took a little rest and as soon when our energy were back we then prepared our foods.
Our tent area
HG -our cook.

Lunch is served!
We just took a rest after the long trek and decided to visit Amsikong Falls the next morning. 

Drinking session (birthday party in the mountains.. hehe) then followed until the night where five other members of MEGS Mountaineers joined us, arriving past 9 PM at 6th Peak. They said they left the jump off area at Cassava past 7 PM and with them only a candle lighting their way. 

My hat's off for them, I just can't imagine how they were able to managed that night trek.

The Next Morning (My Birthday) ..

Everybody got up early, prepared our foods and readied for our trek down to Amsikong Falls which is still about 30 minutes away trek down from where we set up our tent.

So to Amsikong Falls we set off. 

I must say that in all of us that day I am the most excited, I've never heard of this falls before and no one from MEGS Mountaineers has description how it looks. 
We passed through big rocks, climb on them and have to plunged into river pools to be able to proceed to the next.
Rock climbing it is! 

I was not ready for this part and I must admit that I almost give up and stop upon reaching this portion of the trail. 

But of course I did, thinking that it was my birthday and so I maybe lucky that day, I tried the challenge. 

And I survived. 
Both my legs were shaking as I trekked down the huge rocks without any harness, I just depended on parts of the rock that I can hold. 
And finally, the reward for taking on the challenge - the beauty of Amsikong Falls.

There were about 7-8 river pools and small waterfalls I've seen on the trail before we stop and I've learned that there are actually 13 falls in that area. 
It rained the night prior to our visit so the water was not that clear. And to make the adventure complete, I took a dip and enjoyed the refreshing and cold waters.

We ended up here and they said there are still more falls ahead. 

That fun climb to Nopol Hills and the trek to Amsikong Falls was one of the most challenging adventures I had so far and my most memorable birthday celebration. 

Adventure enthusiasts out there, check it out yourself.

By the way I'm now 27. :)

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